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Electrical problems is one of the most annoying problems a vehicle can have. Let our experts at Precision Automotive European & Import Services & Repair, we check and repair:

  • faulty connections

  • power window motors

  • auto locking power door failures

  • dash gauges

  • instrument panels

  • were even up to repairing the complicated re-wiring harness of your lovely european vehicles.


When you make an appointment with Precision Automotive Repair, you're getting ASE-certified technicians with over 34 years of experience working on high-end European models. Make your appointment today.

Auto Electronic Repairs

  • Computer Controlled Circuit Repairs

  • Power Windows, Doors, Seats, and Antennas

  • Cruise Controls

  • Electrical Shorts

  • Re-wiring for Harness Damage

  • Dash Gauges and Related Switch Service

  • Turn Signals, Flasher, and Headlight Circuits

  • Window Wipers and

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